“FALL” by CockyPop Business Plan

Doug Johnson

“FALL” by CockyPop Investors Group, an LLC

Mission Statement

The recording, production, and successful marketing of “FALL” by CockyPop, is to be the first of four albums that will for decades to come accompany and affirm those suffering from depression and similar disorders, emboldening them to discover and stay the paths that will lead to their wholeness and healing.


Occasional episodes of depression, typically lasting three days, began showing up in my life at age 13. Over time these episodes became more frequent and intense. While I didn’t know yet what depression was or that I was depressed, I was very conscious of the pain I was experiencing.

In my senior year of high school, I took a psychology class and had high hopes that psychology would be my savior (something religion, laughter, sports, girls, and even music hadn’t been able to do). Soon after my high school graduation I went into therapy for six months. My therapist was convinced I was merely having troubles transitioning to the adult world. I knew there was more to it.

Through my 20’s, my depression slowly got worse and worse. Just after my 27th birthday I hit my personal rock bottom…that place where the prospects of going through whatever would be required to find true and lasting root-level healing became less frightening than the prospects of continuing to live without healing.

Thus began what would become a healing journey lasting more than three years and culminating in my effectively addressing, one by one, the several different factors that were indeed the roots of my depression. I have been depression-free for 20 years now. For a more in-depth essay on this journey please go to: http://www.dougthedrummer.com/express-it-or-repress-it-healing-happens/

This journey is chronicled through music, four LP albums worth, written between 20 and 25 years ago while on descending to my rock bottom and while on the journey itself. In looking back, I find the entire healing process has striking parallels to the seasons. Thus, the albums, in order of production will be “FALL”, “WINTER”, “SPRING”, and “SUMMER: – The Celebration of the Flowers”.

This musical collection has been close to my heart, and I have always known that recording these albums to their full potentials and marketing them so they can live on in the minds and the hearts of others is one of my highest contributions to the collective.

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To read more, including compensation plan, costs, etc., please download the entire business plan: FALL Business Plan dj

If you aren’t interested in the business plan but would like to hear the rough, raw, minimalist “FALL” by CockyPop demos (with my attempting to accompany myself on that darn piano thingy) here they are: http://www.dougthedrummer.com/fall-by-cockypop/

If you are interested in being an investor or know any arts advocates that might be interested please get in touch with me.




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